Yard Work


All the Pretty Colours

We’ve been painting!

The last few weekends a painting crew has come in, primed the ceilings, painted the ceilings, primed the walls, and gotten us Heidi and me in a position where we can get to work on painting the walls a variety of colours and shades.

The only problem? Picking from the thousands of available colours and shades. For weeks Heidi has been bringing home flipbooks of paint colours, swatches that we hold up to the sunlight and hope they turn out as good on our walls. We’ve practically lived in the paint stores, first getting the primer, and then watching the paint cans get mixed up by machines that look like they have the shakes.

I got to pick out one colour, which was the tan shade I chose for my private study. Heidi is not a fan, but she allowed me to choose it, so I’m forever in her debt. The girls picked out their own colours — a shade of purple for Madeline, a bright pink for Alexa. I got to work putting a first coat of paint on their rooms yesterday. Here are some photos…

Heidi headed down to the house today and got to work on the half bath / laundry room, which is going to be a lovely shade of yellow.

Now we just have to make a final decision on what colour the walls in the main part of the house are going to be, and our bedroom too. Which is all easier said than done, but time is short. 

So back to the paint store we go!